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  • erection-info.com is a medical information website for patients. It aims to promote information in the scientific and medical field.
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  •  erection-info.com is by no means a medical consultation site. The information provided can be used to diagnose or influence medical treatment (initiation, modification, stop …). They a substitute for consulting a doctor.
  • erection-info.com is a full age website.


Erection-info.com platform is moderate once a week . The moderators of the sites ( Dr V. and Dr Z ) are health professionals, urologist and general practitioner

All users are by default considered as non medical professionals.

When a health professional gives medical information as a user of the platform, its status as a healthcare professional is indicated.

The platform users and moderators must behave at all times with respect and honesty .

After a warning, moderators can ban a user of the platform.

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Although erection-info.com strives to provide information that is the most reliable and safest possible, we can not guarantee a “total” reliability of the information provided in the site.

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