iDi – erection troubles. The 1st mobile app of erectile dysfunction management

iDi is the first smartphone app to improve erectile dysfunction management. Now available on Apple Appstore and Google Android store.

Improving men’s troubles

Erections disorders are very common, up to 40% of patients. This very personal issue is rarely told to physicians, delaying its proper management.

Many factors can make it worse (tobacco, lack of physical exercice…).

Today a lot of treatments exists: pills, cream, injections… If these medications are most of time effective, it is important to respect some precautions in order to have satisfying and safe effects.

Erectile dysfunction follow-up is also important in order to manage it very carefully.


From self-diagnosis to follow-up: iDi can help you

Thanks to a short anonymous questionnaire, every man can have his “IIEF-score” (validated score about erectile disorders) and know if he suffers or not from a real erectile dysfunction. We hope it will be easier to tell his GP about his troubles.


iDi, always here for you

iDi is a personnel counsellor: depending answers you give, risk factors you have, iDi will give you some personnel recommandations to improve erectile dysfunction.  Regularly  iDi will remind you these advices (push notifications).


50% patients don’t take their medication properly

To be as effective as possible, it is very important to take his medication as it should be. Informations leaflets are often hard to read and to understand. iDi will give you a clear, short and precise informations about common medicines to treat erectile dysfunction and the best way to take it.


Healthcare version 2.0

Patients are more and more connected and iDi answers patients wishes: a smartphone software, a numeric tool to treat and follow-up erectile dysfunction. Smartphone is the perfect tool for this very intimate trouble.

iDi is also a fantastic tool for physicians and researchers: all these anonymous datas can be safely studied, in order to increase scientific knowledge about erectile dysfunction and patients concerns.


A software « made in France »

Entirely thought and developed in France by Back2medical start-up, based in Luriecq city (Loire).

Established in 2015, Back2medical is developed by a general practitionner, an astrophysician and an urologist. Goals of this start-up is to innovate in healthcare, trying to answer patients and physicians concerns.

iDi has been developped in English, and is available in all over the world-stores.




iDi  is the 1st 100% free smartphone app concerning erectile dysfunction ( self-diagnosis, informations and follow-up) made and designed for patients, also thought as a research tool.


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