Lifestyle improvement

When erectile dysfunction is managed, it is essential to modify some aspects of his personnel habits (lifestyle) in order to slow down symptoms progression.

Here are some advices:

To fight against cardio-vascular risks in order to improve erections and treatments efficacy. For example it is important to control blood pressure (with good eating habits and physicians help)

To control his blood glucose level: Every kind of diabetes (type 1 or 2) have to be treated. Indeed, up to 50% of diabetic patients will experiment erection troubles, and this complication is more frequent as eyes or kidney issues.

Neurological diseases  can complicate or bring to light an erection dysfunction. A strict follow-up of neurological issues is necessary with a neurologist.

Tobacco damages blood vessels, it leads to low blood and tissues oxygenation. That is to say tobacco is the sworn enemy of erection.

To improve his habits is a critical step of erectile dysfunction management, to prevent or to slow down symptoms.

It is highly recommended:

  • to stop smoking
  • to strictly control blood pressure
  • to strictly control his blood glucose level
  • to control his lipid blood level
  • to do physical exercices, at least 30 minutes 3 times/week
  • to eat healthier