Erectile dysfunction: why and when to consult a physician ?

Erection disorders and sexuality itself are often hard to tell to somebodyelse, even more to a physician. Neverthless keep it secret can often leads to a delay in diagnosis.

Anyway in case of a doubt it is important to tell these problems to a physician (GP, urologist, sexologist,…)

You will find here some advices :

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. Symptoms must last since at least 3 months to be defined as erectile dysfunction.
  • In case or presumed or confirmed erectile dysfunction it is necessary to consult a GP or a specialized physician (urologist, sexologist…) in order to diagnose the erectile dysfunction, and to find out the etiology. A quick and effective care can avoid any bad consequences on his sexual and couple life.
  • Erectile dysfunction may be a sign of cardio-vascular disease or be an early sign of an endocrinological or nervous disease, which is also capital to diagnose and treat as soon as possible.

What is the physician role ?

consult : physician role
The GP is the privileged interlocutor to talk about his erectile dysfunction :

  • To listen carefully: a medical consultation is a key moment to talk about all the aspects of these symptoms
  • To make a diagnosis : the physician will make a precise diagnosis of this erectile dysfunction and collect all the associated symptoms/contributory factors, and the consequences.
  • A therapeutic role : The physician is also able to prescribe others exams (biology, imaging) he thinks necessary ; he prescribes 1st line treatments as well.
  • A follow-up role : Erectile dysfunction changes, evolves on its own. Some treatments could be less effective with time. In this way a thorough follow-up is often necessary to manage an erectile dysfunction.
  • A coordinator role : If necessary physician will refer his patient to an other specialist (cardiologist, endocrinologist, sexologist…) in case of difficulties or doubt about unclear symptoms.

Medical consultation : alone or with his partner ?

This is a thorny question. This kind of trouble can be embarassing and to talk about that with his partner can also be tough (fear, shame, modesty). The first medical consultation takes place in general alone with his physician.

Then, if this erectile dysfunction has bad consequences of his couple life, it may be crucial to consult with his partner : sometimes difficulties we encounter in our life as a couple can explain erectile dysfunction on their own. As a consequence it is necessary to consult, once at least, as a couple. Furthermore, the partner can be associated in the erectile troubles management.